The Pursuit of (Authentic) Happiness!

Introduction to my new blog
January 3, 2017
The Principles of Authentic Happiness
January 5, 2017
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The purpose of my blog is to enlighten those who find resonance with my writing and who wish to pursue further discussion on my subject. I have mentioned the word ‘discussion’ because I invite all readers to reply with their opinion and to make this a truly extraordinary conversation. So I am hoping that this is what we eventually arrive at, a conversation. I layout my assertions and you challenge or espouse me. Together we can find a place to explore the depth of our very existence; we will delve deep into ourselves and discover who we really are!

Ultimately I believe that we all want to find authentic happiness – however it is not such an easy task considering how we are somewhat always distracted by the pursuit of superficial happiness. It is authentic happiness that will provide the inner sanctum that will open our world to the extraordinary. It can be described as a union between body and soul, an understanding of what our true purpose really is and a unified pursuit of a set of principles that satiates the appetite of the ever searching soul.

Have you ever met someone and after moments of good conversation felt a deep connection to that person? Have you ever listened to a piece of music and felt something deep awakening within? Have you ever looked upon a field of rolling green hills and felt a deep satisfaction, an inexplicable feeling of peace and tranquility? These are messages directly from your deepest core, messages from your soul. Discovering authentic happiness is all about listening to your inner self, interpreting those signals and pursuing paths that satisfy the desires that emanate from within.

The difference between superficial and authentic happiness is simple. Superficial happiness has an inherent motive to impress others. Authentic happiness pursues the satisfaction of your inner self. I have a friend, whom I shall call Rich (to conceal his identity and illustrate a point), who always talks about how he wants to become wealthy. One day I asked Rich what would he do if he suddenly found that a million dollars in his bank account. His reply was quick and certain, “I would buy a Ferrari and a mansion on the beach. I would have parties and woman and booze every day like its 1999.”

Rich is no different from many people. Those are visceral desires that most men will pursue. I followed up with another question which changed the essence of the original slightly but nonetheless left Rich speechless.
“Would you make the same choices if you were the only person on this world?”
He couldn’t answer that one! So the difference between these two questions defines superficial and authentic happiness. Would you allow other people’s perceptions to influence your pursuit of happiness? If I were the only person on this planet, the Ferrari would mean nothing; the large house would be pointless. In order to achieve authentic happiness, we must extricate ourselves from seeking public admiration and approval. We must recognize and pursue the desires that are inherent in our very being. Once we look close enough, it will be patently clear and life will suddenly have an entirely new meaning.

My next blog entry will include the principles that will guide us toward authentic happiness. Hope you enjoying this and see you soon!

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