The Principles of Authentic Happiness

The Pursuit of (Authentic) Happiness!
January 3, 2017
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Every so often we are informed of a courageous or heroic act by an exceptional individual or group who step forward against the odds and achieves the extraordinary. It could be a scientist who makes a ground breaking discovery which could lead to a cure for a terrible disease, it could be an ordinary person who put their life at risk to save a person or people in mortal danger, it could be a brilliant move that clutched victory from the jaws of defeat in a sporting spectacle that was witnessed by millions of people.

Details of such acts of singular brilliance are disseminated worldwide through television and increasingly more through social media under large and bold headlines entitled “Greatness”. Whilst such acts are every bit deserving of the attention they find, there is another type of greatness that is silent by its very nature, a greatness so admirable that it should be emblazoned on all front pages of every form of media yet it goes by, every day, totally unnoticed. This greatness is embedded within the people performing these acts day after day, those who never look for attention or credit but just focus on providing for their family’s needs despite never reaping the financial reward for such work, or the mother who does her best to give all her love to a challenged child, or a farmer who works day and night to keep his family and friends feed and housed. A greatness driven by purpose, based on immutable principles, displaying selflessness and achieving an outcome. An outcome that is pure and good.

You might have noticed that, currently, there is so much negativity all around us. Criticism, ridicule, a visceral desire to see others fail, pointing out failures of honest people and laughing at their misguided ambition, the world seems to find a morbid satisfaction in people’s misery and strife. Yet through all of this negativity, there remain people who continue to do good things and commit acts of kindness on a daily basis. Their efforts provide pathways through which others walk less hindered. Such incredible people have found the gateway to authentic happiness and their lives are filled with a tacit joy of those ‘little’ accomplishments. The question is, “What drives them to act so selflessly?” The answer is really simple; their lives are upheld by a defined purpose and lived by a set of principles.

So listen carefully, principles exist to guide understanding. Imagine the brick and concrete that goes into a foundation of a home, they are the principles of that structure. The house needs the foundation to keep it firm and solid; it is the same with any subject. Principles are the fundamental building blocks that make up the structure. It is the same for a human being, those who recognize their true purpose, build principles that guide their actions toward achieving purpose. Principles allow people to act consistently and move toward accomplishing their purpose.
The path to achieving authentic happiness is underpinned by a holy trinity.

1) Purpose
2) Principles
3) Motivation/Action

These factors follow consecutively and, if applied relentlessly, will ensure that the outcomes of all decisions reflect the person that the decision-maker aims to be. Living by strong principles that are derived from one’s true purpose will move them toward a rich and fulfilling life, a life that appreciates all other lifeforms that we share our world with, a life that is fundamentally good. I have complied 10 principles that I believe will lead toward the attainment of authentic happiness. All of them will follow on the next blog entry. I do hope that you are enjoying my work.

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