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The Pursuit of (Authentic) Happiness!
January 3, 2017
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So I have decided to skip the niceties and delve straight into it. Happiness! What exactly is this? Is it the feeling you have when you are so deeply in love that you cannot think about anything else? Is it the feeling of acquiring wealth suddenly and somewhat unexpectedly? Is it the abrasive joy you experience drinking with close friends and spending a night prowling the town? Well it is all those things and much more. The truth about happiness is that it is a duplicitous little monster because it appears in so many ways to be the spoils of fulfillment of one’s strongest desire, yet it is quite the opposite.

There are two types of happiness, the superficial and the authentic. It is easy to distinguish between these two. The one that results from the fulfillment of a burning desire, well that is normally superficial. This is a beguiling state because it appears as if one has reached his own personal zenith, when in fact the opposite is true. An example is someone who chases material wealth and then acquires it (at this point there is the supposed unbridled joy of being ‘wealthy’), as time passes and newer wealthy acquaintances and friends are introduced into his life, his fortune is comparatively small and not enough so once more a desire for greater wealth emerges. This cycle becomes a perpetual state of unhappiness, although punctuated with fleeting superficial happiness, the unfortunate person will remain unconscious to the real world and mired in a masked depression. Superficial happiness takes many forms and is very recognizable to the enlightened person.

Then there is authentic happiness. This kind of happiness is fundamental and provides eternal bliss and enlightenment. It is an inter-connectivity between the body and the soul. The soul is often described as the incorporeal essence of a living being, the unseen controller of all thoughts and emotions of an organism. For me it goes far beyond this. I believe that the soul is a connected commonality of all organisms and a communion with nature itself. Within our souls, deep within every human being (and animal) lies our purpose. Within our purpose resides the key to our authentic happiness. We can all attain the life that transcends our worldly pursuits and will carry us on an inextricable journey to our eventual death and beyond.

So I invite you to come on this journey of discovery with me and ultimately attain a rich life full of happiness and appreciation that looks beyond the myopia of material pursuit. I look forward to having you with me on this extraordinary journey.


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